Montag, 26. Januar 2009

Thats what I´ve been working on......

the last couple of evenings - blocks for the birthday-blockswap I´m in. I can publish the pic´s here cause I havent post my blog at Quilter´s Last resort - so the gals wont see them. We are a group of 14 and we picked what ever we liked - subject, color, size....... I´m almost done with all the blocks - just 3 more to sew. One log-cabin and two Sues. I joined this swap last year also and because of all the stuff what happened to me/us I got behind with my sewing and sending out the blocks. Thats why I´ll try to get all the blocks done asap - never know what live brings to me this year. I still need to sign them and take the official and nicer pics for my quilting-journal.

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