Montag, 18. Mai 2009

Home Internet is down

Friday when I got home from work I found out that I dont have any access to the internet anymore. Great!!! On a Friday!!! I was preparing myself for an 4 h fon-marathon (thats how long it took me the last time to get my speedport replaced - grrrrrrr!). I called customer-service of telekom to report the failure and they promised me the technical service will call me Saturday morning - well I stayed home all day to wait for the call....... well I was waiting for nothing and I´m sure they will call today - when I´m back to work. Looks like it will be some more days without home-internet. Lucky me that I can use Internet at work during my lunch-break.


Lately I havent spent any time with sewing - I dont know what it is, but I dont even feel like. It´s propably because of the nice weather outside, alot of work in the yard and the new books I got for my birthday. I got 4 books and I have almost finshed the 2nd one. Well some little sewing I have done - I sew 2 Tilda snails and they still need to be stuffed with wadding and finished up.


We also had some heavy thunder-storms the last couple of weeks and so last night. I was reading on the balcony and somehow I fell asleep until thunder and lightning woke me up....... brrrr I realized how cold I was and hurried up to get inside to sneak under my blanky and go back to sleep.

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Carla hat gesagt…

It's awful to lose your internet. And on the weekend! Hope it's on again soon. Been storming here also. I don't mind though. We are desperate for rain.