Montag, 25. Mai 2009

Our furry employee

Since almost three years we have a furry employee named "Minzie". In the beginning we saw a cat running around and start feeding the cat or something on the companys property. We start seeing more of the cat and some day she starts coming into our office. Now she "works" (sleeps) from Mon. - Fri. 7.30 - 16.30 in her little basket in my office. For the weekend she got an outside place with some food and during closing-days we found someone who is feeding Minzie. In 2007 we got a litter of 2 kittens from her (by now Minzie is sterilized) - I took one of them home and one kitten took my bosses nephew. The kitten I took developed to an little devil - so cute but still a devil. Sadly Tigger got hit by a car last year with the age of 1.

Minzie - "Little Buddha"

Tigger - the kitten I took home


When those two rascals got older - they were everywhere in the office - nothing was safe anymore

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