Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009

I hate Telekom

Today I called customer service of Telekom to see whats going on because the technical service hasn´t called yet. After spending 4 minutes on the phone (this was quite fast) I finially had a human person on the other end. I told the lady the story about my speedport and she checked the files and said "Well, yeah you called on Friday but this report never got to the technical service" - great! Now I have to carry my speedport to someone elses house to check if its working there or not because if the speedport is broken they will charge me for the technician (45.00 € /15 Minutes) - are they insane!!!! And why didnt told me this the other person on Friday??? Why couldn´t he say we have to charge if....???? I would´ve time on the weekend to run around the neighborhood to do this but defently not during the week. They freak me out!

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