Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

Jens Voigt crashed at the Tour

I was totally horrified when I watched the 16. stage of the Tour. One of my favorite german cyclist Jens Voigt was in the leading group and already passed Saint Bernard and speeding down the hill with 70 - 80 km/h when all of a sudden Jens crashed. He didnt even had the time to react and use his arms to soften the crash - he crashed with his head and shoulder on the asphalt. Thanks for the requirement of wearing a helmet cause if Jens Voigt wouldnt wear one he propably wouldnt survive the crash. Jens was lucky besides scratches - he "only" broke his checkbone and got a brain concussion. I wish him all the best for his recovery

Here is a short video of the stages final including the crash

And what about Lance - I´m still wondering what he is doing?!? The old Lance would never ever give away a Tour-victory and especially not to one young stud of he´s own team. Is he still going to attack? Or will he just show I´m not god - its possible that I dont win the Tour?!? When I look at Lance - he got too muscular for attacking in the mountains - he used to be slimmer. I will see on Saturday I still think Lance is same old maniac and wont give away the 8th Tour triumph.

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