Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

Strolling around the garden

Lately I havent strolled around the garden - well I strolled around but not armed with my camera. Its amazing how plants grow or dont grow (like my chilly- and bell pepper plants and zucchini). I sow the chilly and bell pepper at the end of february and by the end of May they barly made it to 4 inch. I put them in the green house - well they started to grow a bit more but I think we need to have an extra looooooong summer to get at least some fruits on those damn plants. With some other veggies I have way more luck this year - I´m totally proud of my pumpkin-plant - it exploded this year. Last year the plant didnt get a chance because snails munched it down...... over night.

I proudly present one of my future Halloween-Pumpkin *lol*

Red currant

The grape plant kinda exploded also this year - the plant hook up with the apple tree and guess what - we will have grapes growing in the apple-tree *lol*

Cauliflower - already got to much sun because it starts turning blue

Sunflower - sown by birds

and of course my buddy Bizkit - he follows me around all day long

And what is the quilting doing??? Actually I started quilting my Dads Bird-Quilt and its almost done. I still dont know how to do the borders and when its getting to late for quilting I start cutting fabrics for some more ugly brick road blocks where I got 16 out of a swap of QLR.

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