Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

Some Quilting Is Done

Yesterday I finished quilting the inner part of the top of my bird-quilt. I have no clue how I will quilt the outer borders of it and still looking for an idea. Its just the problem that I´m not good at all when it comes to curvy quilting so the quilting patterns a very limited for me and my skills. I have used green multicolor thread - the white stuff is still from the marker......

Markers........ what markers are you using???? I ´ve already tried a couple of different markers and with none I´m absolutly happy.

  • Two different wondermarker - the lines have already disappeared before I even started quilting or they have last forever (of course when they supposed to disappear fast). Drying out pretty fast

  • Soap marker couldnt really get some marking on the quilt.

  • Chaco-liner is quite good but when if you move the quilt alot the marking disappears pretty fast too - for small marking and no moving around -> great choice a bit messy.

  • Roxanne Quilters Choice - marks good but the tip goes blunt very fast or it cracks alot if they got thrown around alot while delivery and a fast use up
Have you tried the marker "HERA" from clover - how is this working and how long do you see the crease if you move the quilt around?

2 Kommentare:

Heikesquilt hat gesagt…

Hallo Karin,
versuch es mal mit dem Sewline, den gibt es in verschiedenen Farben, dass heißt eigentlich sind es Wechselminen.
Meinen Liebling von Bleysteft gibt es leider nicht mehr, der war optimal.
Ein schönes Wochenende aus dem Norden

Nicole hat gesagt…

Mit Markern kann ich dir leider auch keinen Tip geben, aber ich binmir sicher, dass du ein schoenes Quiltmuster fuer den Rand findest. Du hast schon so viele tolle Sachen gemacht und du kannst so viel, also auch das.