Montag, 26. April 2010

Gardening Weekend

I finally start feeling better - I´m not 100 % ok but oh well hopefully in a couple more days. Friday I did some paint-jobs at our property and Saturday I started to work in the garden.

Its about time to put out some potatoes, onions and garlic

potatoes here

onions and garlic there

and the green house for tomatoes here

so I worked quite a bit on Saturday and after I was done I found some sleeping and chillin beautys- lol - it seems like I was the only one working on saturday

my Mom
(good thing that she doesnt know how to use a pc - lol)


Hanni & Nanni - we only have two chickens left - Goldlöckchen was pretty sick and released her

While I was watching TV in the evening I sewed in some threads of my tablerunner

2 Kommentare:

conny's quilts en creaties hat gesagt…

What a great garden you have...and great pictures too...I had to laugh, but admit the weather was so nice to sleep in the sun!!

Nicole hat gesagt…

Warte es nur ab, deine Mama kommt auch noch zum PC. lol. U.U. mit Hilfe.