Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

Ice Hockey Season Is Over :-(

I´m kinda sad about it that I cant watch any more Ice Hockey until August - this season is over :-(   Last night our IceTigers lost the decision-making game (is it said right??).  They kinda slept in the first 3rd, well the score says all 4:1 for the Scorpions and somehow woke up with the second 3rd and gave everything until the end of the third 3rd- 4:3 final score for the Scorpions.

But who cares - Boys we are all very proud of you - you guys played an amazing season - especially after all this trouble what was going on last year before the season has started. I´m looking forward to see you, well not all but most of you back on the ice in August. Many thanks to Thomas Sabo - he made this whole season possible!
Thanks for such a great season - we are all very proud of you!!!

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