Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Quilt Rack Aka Towel Rack By Ikea

Steffi - a member of the PQF posted a pic of her new "quilt rack" a couple of month ago. How cool and with the trip to the Holland Stoff-Markt I also stopped at Ikea to get me one too.

I love Ikea - just sometimes when you built the stuff together - it could get kinda complicated and I get quite mad about them - like this time..... cheap allen screws..... at the end I had to use a hacksaw and a driller to built this rack together.

finally done!!!!

Last night I kept on quilting my table-runner. I did partly some free motion quilting - well for the first time I can accept the results. Its not too bad but far away from good -> way more practising

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golo8 hat gesagt…

very nice place to hang such lovely quilts....