Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Holland Stoff-Markt And IKEA

Saturday I went to the Holland Stoff-Markt (fabric-market) in Fürth followed by a stop at IKEA. The Stoff-Markt was quite crowded by the time I have arrived there - hmmm maybe already a lil bit too much for myself. Fabrics and notions... a whole market..... this must be heaven - lol. Later on I met Micha & Andi -they went fabric-shopping also and had a few bags with some treasures. Anyway íf you are into sewing - its worth stopping by the Holland Stoff-Markt

Thats the only pic I made at the market - I didnt feel like running around with my camera.

and this is the stuff I brought home from the market-Ikea trip - some fabrics, two pillows, two candles, zick-zack sciccors and a quilt rack aka towel rack

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