Montag, 29. August 2011

X-Mas Tree Swap

This is the new swap I´m participating and its organized by Tracy from QLR. Its a group of wonderful and funny ladies and its such a big pleasure to be a member of this group. We are swapping 16 X-Mas tree blocks and its a pretty easy one

here are my cutted fabrics

6 blocks are sewn together - 10 more to go - if.......

I wouldnt have busted my sewing machine  >:(  The end of the thread got tangled in the bobbin location and I had to cut it out. Since ever then my machine doesnt sound right while I´m sewing + I have huge loops on the backside. I will put my machine in service today and hopefully it wont take weeks again (grumble-grumble). But I´m lucky also - because my Mom told me that I can borrow hers until I get mine back.

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