Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Patriotic And Dinosaurs

Those are the quilts I´m working on at the moment - Patriotic-quilt (ufo) and a dinosaurs-quilt

so far I´ve put the top together and still working on a border

This will be a dinosaur quilt - the blue and red fabrics are dinosaur themed

and in the middle I´d like to applique a big dinosaur (from Quilts & More Winter 2009). I think the brown will be ok for the "beast". I also wanna add some smaller dinosaurs on the green outer border.

the fabric has colored freckles on it and thats the only brown I have plenty in my stash - what do you think???

3 Kommentare:

Patchlissi hat gesagt…

Schöner Quilt...und das Kätzchen ist sooo süss!!!

Emma hat gesagt…

I think that the brown with freckles will be awesome for a dino - after all, they weren't all one color with no variations!

Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Hello dear, my I take this black and white ball of fur. Lea fall in love. Loredana