Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Quilting-Bee February

Last Friday we had our little quilting bee again at Mariannes. This time we had a newbe with us sewing - Kathi she is a colleague from Marianne and Angela. Kathi was all into sewing a cell-charging-pocket with the help of Marianne and after she was done she made herself a little mugrug.

we chatted

we sewed
 Angela is working on a baby quilt

Kathi is working on her cell-charging-pocket

we snacked
Marianne made some baguettes and a wonderful Tiramisu (was soooo yummieh)

here is Angelas baby quilt she is working on

this will be a clock made of fabric - Marianne finished it last weekend  - hopp over to her blog and check out the wonderful clock

this is another project Marianne is working on - I cant remember what its called but those pieces are all stitched together by hand and I tell ya it looks incredible in real

here is Kathi with her finished cell-charging-pocket - can you see how proud she is?!?!

oh yeah - and I did actually some sewing too - I cut and appliqued 9 stars on the blocks - they belong to my patriotic quilt

I think Kathi got infected with sewing - here she goes with a mugrug

with Mariannes help she finished it and can you see the big proud smile.......

............ Kathi even started talking about making a quilt....... yep...... she cought the quilting-virus - lol.

It was a wonderful evening and a big THANK YOU to Marianne for having this little quilting-bee at her place.

2 Kommentare:

Emma hat gesagt…

I love the little hint of the dinosaur I can see there!

And congratulations on getting a new friend into quilting...I've recently made a friend whose mom quilts, so she's familiar with terms like paper piecing and such which is fun...but not as fun as a new sewer (sewist? seamstress?).

Ranch Wife hat gesagt…

Yay for new quilters! Your gethering always looks like so much fun and I really like your stars. I also spy your darling dinosaur quilt! Can't wait to see it finished - it looks super cute!