Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

Look what I bought!!!

My friend Diana went to a flea market last Sunday and I ask her to watch out for an wooden chest for me. In fact Diana called on Monday and told me that she saw one and gave me the ladys phone number so I could call her. I called the lady and ask if she still have the wooden chest and if I can look at it. Yesterday we drove to Dinkelsbühl - btw a beautiful city - to check on the chest and I bought it. Before, I was looking on the internet what price would be ok for a wooden chest and the amount she wanted was ok. While I was there the lady said it would be 200 years old but I dont think so - with my little knowledge I would say between 70 - 90 years. There are even worm holes in there - good so I dont have to drill them *lol*. I will work on the chest like clean and refresh the wood, get something for the wood worms and paint the metal fittings(?) and my treasure chest will be done. This will be my storage room for my quilts and future quilts. The size is 100 cm x 50 cm x 53 cm ( 39" x 19.5 " x 20.5")

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Gesine hat gesagt…

Das wird ja ein toller Aufbewahrungsort für Quilts. Ich hab mir ja früher vorgestellt, dass man die alle benutzt, aber dann muss man bald aufhören mit nähen - jetzt überleg ich das auch schon mit der Aufbewahrung.
Dinkelsbühl ist ja direkt bei mir in der Nachbarschaft ... vielleicht sollte ich auch mal auf Flohmärkten stöbern.
LG, Gesine