Sonntag, 7. Juni 2009

My other hobby I have never mentioned

In my profile I wrote that I also love to road race biking but I have never mentioned anything about it. Well I pretty much quite since last year when my Dad had to go to the hospital and died 5 month later. There is so much other stuff to do at the house and garden. I work fulltime and my horse has priority to any other hobbies. I still do some sewing because it doesent matter what time it is but for biking it should be still daylight outside.

Almost 13 month ago it was the last time I was wheeling over the roads around my area - after 7 km I had a sudden stop because of a flat tire. Great - 7 km to thrust my bike back home especially if you wear shoes with pedal cleats on it. A glass splitter was the reason - it cut my tire and went into the tube.

Last week it I had the feeling I need to jump on my road race bike and do some wheeling but I got reminded that it was still flat. I ordered a set of tires - tubes I still had at home, so I can fix my bike and get back on the road sometime this week.

This is my customized Canyon Roadlite WRX 7.0 with carbon wheel fork, medium high rims

Flat tire

and the new ones.....

This coming week I will be back on the road and I will see how bad my conditon will be

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