Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

BBQ with Nicole and Family

I invited Nicole + Family and Marianne over for a BBQ. Oh I love BBQ and especially since I have my own Weber-grill - I heat it up every week. Of course I had way too much food like always - I dont know, I guess I´m always afraid that my guests might go home hungry. Nicole and Leland brought baked beans (very yummy) and a water melon for dessert.

Getting ready to BBQ

Magpie-birds watch out - Big Bizkit is watching the food
The last couple of years we start having alot of magpies around here and its better not to leave your food unattended - it might be gone when you come back

left overs

My mom brought out a wooden puzzle - its called "Das Ei des Kolumbus" there are 9 different wooden pieces and you have to put it together so it will look like an egg

we all got busy trying to put it together - even the kids were helping

After a while we stopped without having the solution
Chiara said its very hard to do

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