Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Adventskalender - Day 6

The December, 6th is Nikolaus-Day in Germany I didnt put my boots out so Nikolaus can fill them up with lots of goodies....... but I have an Adventkalender with a little present to open at the 6th.........

look at this little metal tin..... isnt it cute and kinda nostalic looking

It looks like Nicole found it at Cracker Barrel - lol - one of my favorite stores/restaurant - old fashioned style and I just love it.

Thanks Nicole *HUGS* - I`m already wondering since when are you collecting those tins for the Adventskalender?!?

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Nicole hat gesagt…

mmmm ... seit ca. 11 Monaten ...

willst du auch noch wissen was morgen drin is? da musst du schon warten.