Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

Second FNSI - Have A Look

Ok - I was looking forward all week to spent a decent time in my sewing room. Weather forecast said cold and lot of snow. Well almost no snow during the night.... yay. I have started my FNSI a bit later then I have planned because a friend came over to pick something up. Finally at 21.30 h I managed it, to sneak upstairs into my sewing room.

I made the center block of the baby-quilt

...and cut those triangles ..... 72

4 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Congratulations on being the winner of December's 2nd FNSI. Your quilt block is adorable.

Teresa hat gesagt…

Congratulations on your FNSI win! I love the sailboat block. Please post a photo of the quilt when it is finished.

Karin hat gesagt…

June - wohoooo, its the first time I won something in the bloggerworld. Thanks alot and thanks for liking the block.

Karin hat gesagt…

@Teresa - thank you! I will keep the progress updated and of course I will post a pic of the finished quilt. Thanks for stopping by!