Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Adventskalender Update

I just have relized that I havent updated my Adventskalender goodies anymore........its about time to catch up with the goodies from my precious best friend Nicole

Another cute tin - no, not peppermints this time..... 

Nicole is tricky ;-) - she replaced the peppermints with very cute gingerbread man buttons

here is a nostalgic looking tin with wintergreen gum (I really love those tins from Cracker Barrel)

and yesterday..... great butterfly pins (cant never have enough of this kind of pins)

I took some out - to take a closer picture - but sorry that it looks like I just have thrown them there... well I did.....I had to be real fast....

because of this little rat

Moritz decided to become a lover of butterfly pins too - lol!

Thanks Nicole *HUGS* - I feel like I´m getting spoiled like a little kid.

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Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

As always I enyoed in nice quilting works, in the MOritz adventure, and have a nice and calm Christmas weekend. Loredana.