Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Whats Done At the SI

I must say I didnt even made one stitch at the FNSI..

I have ironed my fabrics...... 12 yrds of them

while ironing, one fabric it got real heavy.......and thats why..... Moritz was laying on it underneath the ironing board

I picked out some fabrics for my new project

kept Moritz off doing some more crazy "organizing" in my sewing room

and cutting 140 triangles out of the fabrics I picked for my new project

Since I wasn´t feeling very well - I went to bed a bit earlier than usual and thats why I haven´t started sewing anymore.

3 Kommentare:

Quilter In Paradise hat gesagt…

Karin hi!
Great Kitty, I have a four-legged beastie that keeps me company, too.
Thanks for sharing!
Beth in Dallas

Kirsten hat gesagt…

Na da bin ich ja mal gespannt was Du schönes nähen wirst...hab mih mal als Leser eingetragen..LG Kirsten

Karin hat gesagt…

Thanks Beth! We found Moritz at work and adopted him. My older cat Bizkit wasnt really excited about the new company he got. Hopefully it will work out someday.