Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

First Stitches Are Made

at my new project. My dear friend Ashley is expecting her first child and is due at the beginning of February. She really, really wants a quilt for her little baby boy..... and here we go. Its a pleasure for me to make Baby Wyatt a quilt - I asked for colors or theme they would like to have......  babyblue, red, white and nautical theme...... lets see what I can do with it.......

I´ve sewn together the 140 triangles I have cut out at the FNSI

It´s a slow beginning - because my X-mas-presents I had to make and ship had priority. Done! My focus is now on Baby Wyatts quilt!

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Ranch Wife hat gesagt…

Gutten Morgen! Ach, es ist fast abend by Dir so Guten Abend auch! LOL! Isn't it fun cutting into a new project like that? Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt - I need to make some baby quilts as well.