Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

FNSI January - Results

All day I was looking forward to disappear into my sewing room and I managed it to do it quite early.

My plans were to sew on the binding on my X-mas tree skirt

and to put the rows from birthday-block-swap  from 2009 together (my current ufo I´m working on)

I was hoping to get quite some work done this evening

binding got sewed on via machine on the front

I need to sew on the binding in the circle also - but first I need to hand stitch down the edge binding on the backside - this will happen the next few days

I also started to sew some more red-white-red strips together 

to finish the rows of my patriotic quilt. The blocks are from a swap from 2009

For myself - I think I made a good progress on my projects.

8 Kommentare:

The 4 Bushel Farmgal hat gesagt…

Hi Karin,
You did get quite a lot done! I love your patriotic quilt. It's beautiful :)

Kirsten hat gesagt…

Wow, du hast ja richtig viel geschafft. Dein USA Quilt wird klasse!!

The Thompsons hat gesagt…

It looks beautiful!

Brenda hat gesagt…

I love your swap blocks and the quilt is going to look wonderful when it is finished. It already does!

Mummy and Me Stitching hat gesagt…

I really love the blue for the Christmas tree skirt. It's such a change from the usual greens and reds - its beautiful. Your patriotic quilt looks fabulous. I will look forward to seeing it finished.

Kelli Fannin Quilts hat gesagt…

I think you made great progress, Karin! Love the patriotic quilt, and I love your blue and white Christmas tree skirt, too. Beautiful!

Vicki hat gesagt…

Brilliant progress on your FNSI. Your Patriotic Quilt is stunning

quiltin cntrygrl hat gesagt…

You did great!! Love your tree skirt.. I have one that is a UFO as well.. and your patriotic quilt is spectacular.. We have 2 at my house one that was a gift for me returning from deployment and one that a friend and I made for my husband.. but yours makes me want to make another.