Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Cat Tree

I bought a new cat tree for my three fur balls. The old one only had one had one sleeping place and most of the time all three wanna take a nap but sleeping place were already occupied. So I bought a bigger and nicer one

after I have put it together I moved the old tree and violá here is the new one

After I opened the door first Moritz came in..... well he almost got scared to death at least his fur was pointing in every direction - lol.

Rocco was quite sceptic too

checking if this red thing is going to attack him

after the fur flatten again Moritz also checked the tree out

it looks like they are all not sure about this "thing"

and I made a big mistake since Bizkit a lit bit bigger..... cat flap is one for small/medium dogs........
never thought about a xxl sleeping place for the cat tree

I´ve the feeling I bought the tree for myself....... will see if this is going to change the next few weeks.

2 Kommentare:

ela´s Blog Eck hat gesagt…

Das ist ja mal ein Katzentraum Haus, da können sie sich austoben.

Deb hat gesagt…

I have 4 different cat trees my cats love them all and I got my mother to get one too. she has 2 trees the cats love them..give it time they will love it.
BTW the smaller the box the cat will love it. I have one tree with a little space on it and 2 big cats will squeeeeeze inthere together you wonder how their feet can get positioned...LOL