Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

First Finish In 2012

I´ve been working on this quilt since 2008. I got the blocks out of a swap from QLR my preferences were rainbow-colors. I started quilting the center part and then I put it aside to work on lot of other quilts. I think it was November when I started quilting again, sewing in threads and put on the binding..... well didn´t managed it to get it done in 2011 but this week I made the last stitch on sewing down the binding - well got start for 2012 with finishing an UFO

done sewing in the threads

a colorful quilt - perfect for a grey winter day

Its also made in memory of Merry Bee a member of QLR - she passed away the year we swapped the blocks. I´ve never met her in person but we had some nice email contact were we chat about her time in Germany.

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