Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Top For Christmas Tree Skirt Is Done

Normally I have a skirt for my Christmas tree but it was made out of a stiffer tissue paper material (cellulose?). It was blue to fit with my tree and I had it for a couple of years until now.......... Rocco and Moritz shreddered it. I only had big, small and itsy-bitsy tiny pieces of it left after the season. So I need a new tree-skirt and I better start making it now so the chances would be better to have it done by next X-mas season.

Its made after a tut I found in the www.

Woohooo, I´m so looking forward to layer and start quilting it.

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rockgranny hat gesagt…

Nice work, I think it's perfect time to start one and FINISH it before Christmas. Maybe I could try too...