Montag, 16. Januar 2012

A Jinxed Evening

It was one of those days were I should´ve stayed in bed. After a crazy day I was so looking forward to spent some time in my sewing room. I wanted to start quilting my x-mas tree skirt - in a good mood I went upstairs towards my sewing room

I practise a bit free motion quilting - tried to follow the stencil - ummph - I need to practise more - but

it looked alright on the backside

the thread ripped and got stucked and machine made a funny noise- yikes - oh please - no bigger damage again!!!

 So I went to the basement to get some of my other "toys"

I´ve loosen some screws and took the plastic cover away

it took me quite some while until I had this offender out - oh how I love those days!!!

After I put the machine back together (oh lucky me - I didnt had any leftover parts) - I did some test-sewing - yay me... machine worked.

Meanwhile it was 10 pm when I finally started quilting but I have finished it.

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