Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Seaworld & Spain Market

The last weekend of my vacation Nicole drove our butts to San Antonio. I think its amazing how she plans and packs.......she has to think and plan for her three kids also. Compare to me..... I only have to worry about myself. Saturday we visited Seaworld and at the evening we were going to meet my relatives Linda & Henry. I was really excited about that because I havent seen them since years and it was the first time I was meeting them in the USA.

Have a tour with me through Seaworld - all pics taken by Nicole - I dont know where mine are

Dolphins cove

at Nemos home - lol and some rays and sharks in the neighbourhood

seals and a too cute otter

the kids had some fun at the "Bay of Play" and it was a nice cool down

also a welcome shade "Sea Star Theater" 4D-Movie

Nicole and kids on the roundabout

Soren and me on the mini roller coaster

I think I feel sorry for Pingu or the person inside the costume...... because it was really really hot that day

Isabell and me


We met Linda and Henry at ou Motel - they were staying at the same as we did. Actually Henry suggested it to us - it was nothing fancy but nice and clean that´s what counts. We were heading to the Spain Market in first place to get something to eat and since we had to wait over one hour for a table we were also be able to sneak through some of the stores. Most of the pics are taken by Nicole

Linda, Henry and me

Linda, Nicole and me

while waiting for the table we were walking around the market


"No pics with hats on" - ummph we havent seen those signs - lol

Photo shoot while waiting infront of the restaurant

we made it inside - but still had to wait

the restaurant had also a lil bakery and a lil shop inside

the waiting to pretty long for the kids..... especially after spending the day in seaworld

we made it to the table - I liked my food it was good....

..... so was my dressed up Corona

It was funny - Soren saw that there was "stuff" on the neck of the bottle - he kept complaining about it but nobody paid really attention to it...... so he got off the chair, took a napkin and cleand the bottle for me - that was just to cute!!!!!

It got pretty late....... and Chiara fell asleep at the table..... and poor Nicole (I think she was also pretty tired) had to carry her all the way back to the motel - I felt so bad about that - SORRY Nicole!!!

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