Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Some Sewing In Texas

Nicole is such a great friend, she took quite some of her spare time to resize the pics of my camera and mail them to me! Girl you rock!!!

Before I went on vacation I have asked Nicole if she likes those lampions and if she is interessted in to sew one. I have received the pattern from Baloo a member of the Quiltfriends - big THANK YOU.

here is a pic of some simple lampions made by members of the Quiltfriends

I want mine to match the colors of my livingroom, so I went with blue and green fabrics

Nicole picked colors to fit to her daughters room

we started with the zigzag border - it took quite some time to make those

 Antonio, he kept us company this one evening - and no he´s not buzzed ;-)

Nicoles is one the left and mine is on the right - nope we dont really have an idea why we have different sizes. The pattern was in cm and we only had inch-rulers and mat - propably the mix-up happened at the conversion

all the parts

can you tell that it was quite a bit windy in TX?

this ist the best pic with a second of almost no wind

The following pics I had to borrow from Nicole - somehow I dont have them. Nicole had a cord with light attachment in reserve and look what the lampions look like when they are glowing ;-)

I think we did a great job!!!

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Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

Those are fabulous! Where did you find the pattern? I'm thinking those would be fun to stitch up for my daughter's dorm room. What sort of cord-light did you use?