Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Offside Riverwalk

There are also alot of great things to see offside the Riverwalk. I think the Alamo is a must see while you are in San Antonio......

The Alamo (link to Wiki)

The Trolleys are the easiest way to get to the sightseeing stops

Linda, Henry and I  - had breakfast there - we waited ca. 45 min. to get a table. While waiting we took the tour through the little museum and the shop

Mexican soldier (link to Wiki)

This horse sculpture we have seen at the spain maket - somehow it reminds me at Ansbachs Anscavallo...... I´m not sure which horse I like better - lol
I like this wall picture alot

The building reminds me a bit on France or Spain

So not Europe - lol!

(link to Wiki - I havent known how great the building looks in the dark)

I like the bulding not because there´s McDonalds inside - lol 

Hard Rock Café

too bad it was 8.30 am - hahaha

There is way more to see in San Antonio and I think it´s a bit more fun strolling around when it is not this hot outside.

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Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

Sounds as if you had a wonderful trip! I'm presently in San Antonio, visiting my Mom, but the only sites to see on my list are the quilt shops! LOL! I actually grew up here so I've seen everything else. It is a pretty city though!