Montag, 18. Juli 2011

KAM snaps

Two month ago Nicole told me something about KAMsnaps .........nope I think I dont need something like this!!!! Nicoles Mom brought some home and sometimes you have to "look" with you fingers ...... well this "I dont need those" turned into a "hmmmmm they are not that bad" - lol. While I stayed with Nicole, she showed me her KAMsnaps and what she used them for - and again "they are not that bad". I ´ve started paying attention to KAMsnaps..... I´ve to tell you... they are used everywhere...... my pants, Nicoles Mom said that they were even used in her little greenhouse, my raincoat for the stable....aso........ well I´m weak

Here are my "I think I dont need those" KAMsnaps - lol

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