Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

FNSI Is Here

and after a long day I´m getting ready to hopp into my sewing room

my personal "dope"

I need to do some more quilting at this quilt

oh yeah....never leave your sewing machine unattended..... cause two little rats aka Moritz and Rocco might stealing the thread of my machine and start tangling it. After screaming and yelling, the rats have disappeared.....

I wonder where they are?!?!

Got cant hide..... I always find the criminals

some quilting got done - just not as much as I wanted to - but oh well

Time for bed....... good night blogging world

3 Kommentare:

Kirsten hat gesagt…

Du hast doch was getan bekommen, das ist die Hauptsache. Quiltest du die Decke von Hand? Gefällt mir übrigens sehr gut.

Rhonda hat gesagt…

Looks like you have plenty of things planned. I really love doing FNSI. I managed to get several blocks completed for my quilt project.

Teresa hat gesagt…

I have a thread thief too, only she's a dog - a miniature schnauzer named Neeka. She hides too :)