Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Squeezed In

I did a little bit of sewing since I´m back home - sewing on the binding by hand at my scrappy flannel cats quilt. When I´ve started this quilt 3 years ago my little Tigger was still alive. He was a real quilting cat and loved flannel - this was one reason why I have started this one. The flannel I have used are all scraps (and still have alot left) besides the red for sashing and binding. I wasnt really thinking when I have started to cut 1.5" squares and sew them together (grumble-grumble)...... well and it was suppose to be a small quilt. I´m sure Tigger would´ve loved it - Bizkit enjoys it alot and so does Moritz and Rocco.

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Annette hat gesagt…

Such a fun quilt. A lot of work with so many tiny pieces...but worth it.