Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

Dyeing Fabrics With Rusty Plunder Part II

Here is my second try dyeing fabrics with rust. I used metal chippings to do this - its easy to do but just not my thing. Besides this my Mom mentioned something that I should use a rust-stain-remover to get those stains out. Hello!!!! I did this on purpose this is "art"!!!

I have the rest of the fabric in the rusting-progress - will see what this is going to look like. Looks like I´m not talented in doing this especially when my Mom says that I should use the rust-stain-remover.

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--- Ruth --- RuRebo --- hat gesagt…

Sehr interessantes Ergebnis!
Ich glaube ich muss mich auch mal auf die Suche nach rostigen Gegenständen machen...