Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009

Some little sewing

Last night after I was done with the horsis I was looking forward to go upstairs in my sewing room. It´s nothing better when there is a stormy windy weather outside and I´m sitting right underneath the roof and I can listen to the wind howling around the roofs-corner. So I was in my sewing room with a cup of yummie creamy cappuccino and a furball. It´s amazing how cats can change because when my Dad was still alive Bizkit never-ever came into my sewing room to spend some time with me. Know he cant wait until we get up there - Bizkit already got his own chair - since he always was sitting on mine as soon as I got off the chair. I was sipping on my cappuccino and when Bizkit decided to sit on my lap - great.... no sewing. But he is the kind of cat which dont to be touched alot - so I kept fondle (is this the right word??) him and he left after 15 minutes. Yeah lucky me - I have two baby-flannel-quilts-ufos laying around - so I started to sew on the binding on one of them the backside of the binding will be hand-sewn the next couple of days.

I dont have a use for this quilt and I think I will donate it to a charity bazaar or something like that.

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