Samstag, 14. Februar 2009

Walk in the snow

Oh what a surprise it snowed again overnight - my new exercise programm in the morning shoveling snow and its totally free - and if you cant get enough go ahead and clean up the sidewalks in the neighbourhood.

When I got to the stable I decided to go for a walk with our old, doing better Eboli - as soon as I got her halter on, our dog Jacky decided to come too. So we went for a 45 min walk through the snow - here are some pics.

I guess you can tell that Eboli is still recovering from her udder-infection she is still on medication and looks tired. She is 24 years old and I think it takes her time until she 100 % healthy again. BTW Eboli is Candy Mans Mom

And some more we saw - weired looking trees or just icicles

Candy Man and his buddies were outside at the paddock the whole day

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