Freitag, 20. Februar 2009

Happy Birthday Candy Man

Today is Candy Mans Birthday - unbelievable that he is already 16 years. I bought him, when he was 6 month old. We went through bad and good times, had some successful competition-years in english-style dressage (well, was good enough for us), still acting like a rascal, loves bananas and apples, still havent learned that he cant jump over a fence like the other horses - always stumble over the fence and most of the time he gets hurt, opens the ropes when he´s lashed on, loves snow to death - I dont now why but he always freaks out when there is snow on the paddock like a rodeo-horse, loved my Dad because he has always a goodie in his pockets. Hopefully we have some more years together where Candy can drive me nuts

Candy Man 1 week old

Candy Man with my Dad - remember - my Dad always has treats for him, 1.5 years old

Candy and I, 1999

At the summer-paddock 2005

Candy Man, Jan. 2009

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