Montag, 23. Februar 2009

Dyeing fabrics with rusty plunder

Last week quiltbine of the Quiltfriends came up with a thread about dyeing fabrics with rusty scrap. There were some links posted to show what it looks like - Quiltmoose or here Marionsfiberart - I thought wow, what a great idea and since I´m working at a junkyard and have rusty things everywhere I look. - yep, defently this gonna be my weekendproject - räusper please remind me the next time to read the instruction how to....... and not just pick up words........

My plunder I took home from work

I prepared my tray with foil

lay out the fabric on the tray

Lay the rusty old plunder on the fabrics - I think it looks like a kind of art

put some vinegar on and covered it with another layer of fabric and foil

and waited
and waited
and waited
and waited
and yikes!!! the next evening I had this.... - hmmm I think it doesnt look right

Thats what the fabric look like after the stuff got washed out..... well kinda interesseting but defently not what I wanted

Some lighting stroke my mind..... maybe I used to much vinegar..... well not maybe defently for sure.

The next sheet of fabric is laying in my tray for some rusting..........

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Nicole hat gesagt…

LOL. Wie haettest du es denn tun sollen?