Dienstag, 3. Februar 2009

Sewing plans for Friday got changed by a sick horse

The whole week I was looking forward to spend my Friday evening in my sewing room. Well plans got changed by a sick horse. One of our horses named Eboli in the stable didnt eat anymore, acting like she is getting a colic - gave her medicine....... no reaction after 30 min. Tried to go for a walk with this horse - couldnt even get her out of the box, measured the temperature - yep it was about time to call the veterinarian. I thought it took forever until the veterinarian showed up but it was only 45 min. The diagnose is a udder-infection - she got some penecilin-shots, fever-reducer and something powder to mix under her food for the swollen udder. I was waiting in the stable until the medicine start working and it was 9.45 pm when I got home - no mood for sewing anymore.

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