Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

Supposed to be a Birthday-present

Yesterday evening I start working on my Dads Birthday-Bird-Quilt again (my Dad loved to watch birds - he could spent hours with it). It supposed to be my present for his 70th B-Day last December but my Dad died in August 2008 on sepsis after he had a heart valve surgery on April, 1st 2008 and suffering 5 month in ICU. After he died I was thinking alot about what I´m gonna do with the blocks I´ve already made and I decided to finish this quilt. The blocks, the fabrics and pattern were laying around for quite a while I just couldnt work on it - to emotional.

So that´s what I did yesterday - cutting fabrics in uneven strips and sewed them together - the
strip-blocks still need to be trimmed to the size I need. More strips are waiting to be sewn together.

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