Samstag, 28. März 2009

Birthday-Block-Swap 2009

Last week I got a squishy envelope from our Swap-Mom Kris - with soooo many beautiful blocks. My theme was colors of own country and this is what I got.

Kris made me an extra one in my colors (thanks but I hope you know that there was no need)- looks kinda exotic between all those blue, red and whites - hihihi. There is one gal from Aussie-Land but they have same colors like the US.

I even have the finished quilt already in my head - I wish I would be so fast in real, but no - I´m still working on the birthday-block-quilt from last year. Oh blame me.........

I know it´s not my birthday yet (for those who knows ;-) ) but I got asked if I would move from May to a other month with no b-days - so I moved from May to March. When I got the envelope I checked if I´m allowed to open it before my birthday just to make sure if there is a jinx on it or not. How terrible would it be to open it before my b-day and all those beautiful blocks would´ve disappeared or fallen apart. But I was allowed to - hihihi I dont know if I couldve wait until May anyways.........

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