Montag, 30. März 2009

Mail from the Quiltfriends

I just went through my pics and found one I totally forgot to post about. How could this happen??? I found the excuse - I´m getting old.

I´m also playing in a swap were we mail out 2 FQ to the other birthday-gals and last week already, I got the first squishy envelope from a gal of the Quiltfriends. 6 weeks early - how cruel is that!!! The envelope is jinxed so when I open it before, the FQ will disappear! I´m not very patient when its about waiting until I´m allowed to open presents. I guess somebody told my Mom (or she might know me) and she is willing to take care of the envelopes until my Birthday. She tells me when a squishy envelope arrives, I´m allowed to look at it and pet it once and then she is going to take the envelope away.......... thats so...... so ...... not nice.........

Thank you Morgaine77 aka Angela

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