Montag, 23. März 2009

Tomatoes- and Pepper/Chilly-update

Here is a pic-update of the tomato- and chilly-plants they are growing and getting stronger. Just one sort of the tomato plants still looking very lanky (is it called like this??) - will see if they survive. I think next weekend I will seperate them and give some of the plants away...... to many........

Tomatoes - the plants in the right pot is the sort which look very lanky and not as strong as the others

Pepper/Chilly - alot of them

2 Kommentare:

Nicole hat gesagt…

Wir kommen zur Ernte!

Karin hat gesagt…

Hihihi - aber gerne doch. Sind sogar Kindertomaten dabei und bis dahin dürften schon ein paar dran hängen.