Montag, 9. März 2009

The next FQ-Mail

Oh I love it........ open the mailbox and find a squishy envelope. Its from Jenny from Chicago with such cute stamps on it

Aren´t those cute stamps?

It was the only envelope out of this swap which went through customs - they propably liked the stamps too.....

And here is what Jenny mailed me a beautiful FQ (it screams to be a part of a bag), webbing (is it called like this?) and a 3-D-postcard (selfmade - love it - and I think its the skyline of Chicago and the left building is the Sears-Tower).

Jenny - THANKS alot for this great FQ + webbing and postcard

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Carson.J.Designs hat gesagt…

ok it just took three tries to figure out which button to push! I love international blogging!!!!! I am sooo glad you liked your package! The webbing as you called it is some thick grosgrain I bought to make belts out of. Im sure there are a thousand uses!! Can't wait to see what you make, and thanks again for my package, I finally posted it on my blog. Cheers!!!