Montag, 9. März 2009

What else did I do on the weekend

No further work in the yard because we got some snow - again!!! After over a whole week quite nice springlike weather I started working outside in the yard - but I guess I have to take a break and wait for the next springlike-weather-period. So I cleaned my house and did some sewing in the evenings. I´m almost finished with the applique on my b-day-block-quilt (almost because I had another idea what else I can applique on) and finshed the uneven striped blocks of my Dads bird-quilt.

Oh I havent mentioned yet that I planted my tomato-, pepper- and chilly-seeds on Feb. 28th. After a week the tomatos are already an inch high and nothing to see from pepper and chilly. My Dad used to say they are a lil lazy and need some more time to grow - will see........

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